Mezzanine Operator
Employment Duration:  Full-time
Location:  Womelsdorf, PA
Reports to:  Shift Supervisor
General Job description: 
The Mezzanine Operator is responsible for preparing machines for start of production, handling raw materials (seasoning/salt) appropriately, monitoring seasoning levels and understanding seasoner programs to make appropriate adjustments.
Principle functions of the job:
  • Adhere to all current GMP’s, food safety requirements and company policies
  • Handle partial cases of seasoning/salt appropriately
  • Prepare machine for start of production and make adjustments when necessary to meet the quality standards when packaging different products
  • Monitor seasoner and seasoning levels to ensure consistent seasoning/salt is applied based upon specifications
  • Understand how seasoner programs work and adjust settings as necessary
  • Responsible for the operation of the seasoner and weigh conveyor settings ensuring maximum equipment efficiency
  • Understand production schedule to set up packing machines, seasoners and weigh conveyors to meet the designated production schedule
  • Assist in performing metal checks
  • Oversee quality and food safety of finished material coming from the fry room and in preparation for shipping
  • Ensure all waste from packing rooms and sorting areas is removed as needed throughout the day and all waste containers and bins are emptied for incoming shift
  • Repack/rework product as necessary; handle rework product appropriately
  • Understand how rework product must be re-entered into the product stream for each product produced
  • Document and log all required information accurately and timely
  • Alert management of any problems found during raw material handling process, monitor equipment and report malfunctions to maintenance and management
  • Comfortable working in high paced, wet, oily and noisy environment
  • Maintain a clean, organized work area (including equipment) and environment
  • Clean and sanitize the plant and plant equipment including but not limited to packing machines, conveyors, hoppers, kettles, ceilings, walls and floors
  • Work as part of a team; give lunches and breaks to others on the team
  • Communicate effectively and efficiently with the rest of the team
  • Other duties as assigned by shift supervisor, plant manager, or upper management
  • Shift Length:  12 hours
  • Standing:  Continuously
  • Walking:  Frequently
  • Sitting:  Rarely
  • Stooping:  Frequently
  • Kneeling:  Occasionally
  • Crouching:  Occasionally
  • Crawling:  Rarely
  • Grasping:  Continuously
  • Reaching:  Continuously
  • Climbing:  Frequently                     Number of Stairs:  15                     
  • Pushing:  Continuously
  • Pulling:  Continuously
  • Lifting/Carrying:  Frequently                       Weight:  50 lbs.
  • Talking:  Frequently
  • Hearing:  Continuously
  • Reasoning:  Continuously
  • Remembering:  Continuously
  • Mathematical Reasoning:  Frequently
  • Language Ability:  Continuously
  • Outside work:  Rarely
  • Temperature changes:  Frequently
  • Temperatures in excess of 100 degrees Fahrenheit:  Occasionally – varies by season
  • Temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit:  Occasionally – varies by season
  • Ambient noise level loud enough to require shouting:  Continuously
  • Work closely to moving parts:  Continuously
  • Work closely to open electric current:  Rarely
  • Work with chemicals:  Occasionally
  • Air conditions require a respirator:  Rarely
*Rarely 0-10%, Occasionally 11-33%, Frequently 34-66%, Continuously 67-100%
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