Human Resources Office Assistant

Job title:  Human Resources Office Assistant
Employment duration:  Full-time; Monday - Friday
Location:  Womelsdorf, PA
Reports to:  HR & Office Manager
Compensation:  Hourly $12-$14 dependent on experience
General Job description: 
Assists in HR office operations by receiving and distributing communications; inputting data into HR systems; compilation and preparation of data for statistical reporting; other tasks as necessary dependent on current needs

Principle functions of the job:
  • Input data into HR systems to include timeclock software, QuickBase applications, and excel spreadsheets
  • Maintain personnel files for all hourly employees
  • Track necessary items for legal and internal reporting; corrective actions, accidents/incidents for OSHA and workers’ compensation, EEOC data, leave – FMLA, bereavement, vacation, sick, medical
  • Keep a schedule and photo profile of employees to assist in hiring, benefits tracking, training, reporting, and communication purposes
  • Report employee changes to appropriate outlets; rate, address, change of life, new hires and terminations
  • Work with the Training Supervisor to determine, schedule, and track training and evaluations.  This includes online, classroom, written, and hands-on
  • Track bonus/rewards programs:  referral, attendance, years of service, 20 Sq ft
  • Assist in implementation of and communications for special groups/committees; Wellness, Charity/Community Events, Language
  • Maintain accurate job openings, descriptions and applications on the company website.  Communicate these hiring needs along with company events and charity opportunities to appropriate person for social media
  • Manage random drug screenings; notifications and documentation
  • Assist in the development and distribution of company communications including newsletters, employee announcements, paper displays, and bulletin board updates
  • Aid in maintaining inventory of production employee t-shirts to include regular and temporary employee shirts
  • Ensure all policies, processes, documents are available in English and Spanish.
  • Compile and prepare data for statistical reporting
  • Assumes other duties as assigned by the HR & Office Manager
  • Provide administrative support for other departments as needed
Specific qualifications & experience include:
  • Proficient in Microsoft word, power point, excel and outlook
  • Strong technological aptitude
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate both written and verbally
  • High attention to detail and organization
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrates code of ethics, professional responsibility, dependability, and high level of confidentiality
  • Ability to gather and analyze information
  • Spanish-English Bilingual preferred
  • Shift Length:  8 hours
  • Standing:  Occasionally
  • Walking:  Occasionally
  • Sitting:  Continuously
  • Stooping:  Rarely
  • Kneeling:  Rarely
  • Crouching:  Rarely
  • Crawling:  Rarely
  • Grasping:  Continuously
  • Reaching:  Occasionally
  • Climbing:  Occasionally                  Number of Stairs:  10                    
  • Pushing:  Rarely
  • Pulling:  Rarely
  • Lifting/Carrying:  Occasionally                    Weight:  15 lbs
  • Talking:  Occasionally
  • Hearing:  Continuously
  • Reasoning:  Continuously
  • Remembering:  Continuously
  • Mathematical Reasoning:  Frequently
  • Language Ability:  Continuously
  • Outside work:  Rarely
  • Temperature changes:  Rarely
  • Temperatures in excess of 100 degrees Fahrenheit:  Rarely
  • Temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit:  Rarely
  • Ambient noise level loud enough to require shouting:  Rarely
  • Work closely to moving parts:  Rarely
  • Work closely to open electric current:  Rarely
  • Work with chemicals:  Rarely
  • Air conditions require a respirator:  Rarely
*Rarely 0-10%, Occasionally 11-33%, Frequently 34-66%, Continuously 67-100%
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